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Design and development of educational content

According to our experience as an expert company in elearning content design and development, we guarantee the design and development of learning environments both virtual and on presence; as well as learning content, which are multimodal, creative, interactive and accessible that contribute to achieve goals in your organization.  

Our methodological approach is grounded in 5 features; we develop customized learning contents, which are suited to the previous knowledge of the participants and delivered according to their self-pace. Likewise, our contents are multimodal, multimedia,  interactive, and mobile, which allows to be accessible any time and place. Additionally, we develop micro elearning nuggets, which have a duration between 3 and 5 minutes and are useful to reinforce a specific topic in a dynamic format. Finally, video games are the ideal environment to learn, through the immersion and fun, participants can go wrong, think out the box, and lose their control sense, the aim is to create meaningful learning experiences. 

To produce environments and learning content our company has a solid experience in the every stage of the elearning design and development: 

  • Content reading and design of the pedagogical and creative proposal 
  • Learning content adaptation and instructional design 
  • User experience design and user interface design 
  • Graphic design, illustration and animation of multimedia resources  
  • Digital and interactive development, it includes, among others: 
    • Multimedia content placed at educational contexts
    • Webinar or video classes 
    • Study cases
    • Podcast 
    • Infographics 
    • Microvideos
    • Interactive assessments
    • Interactive activities 
    • Reinforcement activities such as drag and drop, hangman, alphabet soup, etc.
    • Readings 
    • Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) 
  • LMS integration, grades storage in databases
  • Scorm package and final delivery

To elearning content design and development, Dominio Estudio execute a hybrid methodology, which blends the SCRUM framework to software development and the ADDIE methodology to elearning content design and development. 

SCRUM framework grounds of agile development of projects, where prioritized individuals and interactions, software running, client collaboration, and fast response to change over documentation. 

This framework allows controlling the process associated to software development; It has an iterative and incremental approach that means in every tracking meeting Dominio Estudio will present the progress of the product in a functional stage; finally, it is grounded in the experience and good practices adopted by our company to elearning development projects. 

ADDIA methodology is a model of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Assessment. 

As following, we invite you to know one of our success case. Instituto Brasilero de Cultura - IBRACO. Transformation of the learning methodology to teach Portuguese language.  

Contact us to innovate together in your content design and development. 


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