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At Dominio Estudio we love to create innovative, inclusive, usable and accessible digital user experiences. We believe that information and communication technologies are an opportunity to transform the supply of products and services to the digital environment; with a high level of customization, flexibility and simplicity; that motivate participation, and the adoption of new practices, habits and behaviors. To accomplish this, our methodology is based on qualitative and quantitative social research methods and techniques, which allow us to determine exactly what are the desires and needs of our clients' stakeholders the search for creative solutions; and the development of digital solutions using the most modern application development techniques that guarantee a satisfactory user experience. 

For each stage of service, we apply the following methodologies and techniques: Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, multichannel user experience, usability, and web accessibility. All this, under the Scrum framework, thanks to its iterative and incremental approach, allows us to deliver functional software from the first sprints of the project, involving end-users from the beginning.  

To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive service model to address all stages of web and application development, ensuring the success of your project. 

Our services Apps

Icono servicio Investigación cualitativa y cuantitativa Dominio Estudio

Qualitative and quantitative research

En esta fase, Dominio Estudio utiliza diversos métodos de diseño participativo que permitirá explorar las necesidades y los deseos de las personas.
Icono servicio Viabilidad y creatividad Domino Estudio

Feasibility and creativity

En esta fase, Dominio Estudio utiliza métodos para agrupar y priorizar hallazgos; crear historias inspiradoras y crear oportunidades.
Icono servicio Desarrollo Agile y Scrum Domino Estudio

Agile Development and Scrum

El marco de trabajo SCRUM se fundamenta en el desarrollo ágil de proyectos, en el que se priorizan los individuos y las interacciones, el software.
Icono servicio UX/UI Domino Estudio


Dominio Estudio works with the graphic interface design standards recommended by the Foundation for Interaction Design, the Nielsen Norman Group's usability guidelines, and web accessibility (WCAG2.1) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 
Icono servicio Usabilidad Dominio Estudio


Usability is the quality of digital products in which users focus on how easy and with what level of effort they can complete the tasks presented in the graphical interface. Usability seeks to solve 5 questions.
Icono servicio Accesibilidad web Domino Estudio

Web accessibility

Web accessibility seeks that users with or without disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with digital content published on the web, applications, digital kiosks, etc. 
Icono servicio Frontend Dominio Estudio


We create the functional, usable and accessible layer of digital products. We guarantee an optimal deployment and visualization of content and functionalities in responsive format and in different operating systems.


We have extensive experience in complex projects with public institutions.

Icono servicio Factibilidad Domino Estudio


We develop digital solutions that offer a multichannel user experience. We create applications, web portals, digital kiosks, web content for social networks, blogs, among others.

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